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Parody and Satire 101

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Language Arts
InstructorJosh Shaine
3-10 students
Suggested Ages: 13+
Mondays, 3-4pm, ET, starting on January 25th.

It was the best of courses, it was the worst of courses. In this class, we will read original works of fiction and poetry and the pieces that make fun of them or turn them on their heads. We will read pieces that are mocking entire genres. We will watch films that spoof more famous films and listen to music that skewers everything from specific pieces to entire periods. And we will look at cartoons and how they describe the petty foibles of humans through caricature. Along the way, we will attempt to write our own pieces of parody and satire and maybe even make a cartoon or film, depending on how ambitious we are feeling! Among works we may use are The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, The Brand X Anthologies of Poetry and Prose, The Daily Show, In Like Flint, Blazing Saddles, and many others, depending on the tastes, times, and talents of the students in the class.


Session #

 Plan for the day

Session 1

 Definitions and Differences, Exploration of Syllabus, Some early satire

Session 2

 Fiction 1: Bored of the Rings, The Wind Done Gone, and more

Session 3

 Videos 1: Airplane, Spinal Tap, A Mighty Wind, and more

Session 4

 Music 1: Lehrer, PDQ Bach, Anna Russell, Filk, and more

Session 5

 Comedians: Steven Wright, Jon Steward, Keegan-Michael Key, and more

Session 6

 Cartoonists from Ancient Egypt to the Present

Session 7

 Poems and Other Printed Matter

Session 8

 How to Craft Your Own Parody and/or Satire, Part 1

Session 9 

 More Fiction

Session 10

 More Music

Session 11

 More Music
Session 12  More Poems and Other Printed MatterComedians
Session 13  How to Craft Your Own, Part 2
Session 14  Students' Choice of Topic
Session 15  Our own Parodies and Satires!

 Potential make-up day

    Specific sessions may change based on students' interests.

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