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A little geometry, a dash of chemistry, and a pinch of history: Applied Liberal Education for Artists

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Skia Laurence
5-10 students
Suggested Ages: 13+ years old
 Thursdays at 2:00 pm, 15 weeks. Starts February 4th.


Do you like to make things? 

Are you intrigued by learning about how things work? 

Do you wish you had a few tips and techniques to make your projects come out more the way you wish they would? 

Would you like a hands-on course, with creative homework that doesn’t require a major investment in materials? 


This is an art survey course offering a variety of applied technical material drawing from geometry, chemistry and history, with no studying or problem sets.  If you can add, subtract, multiple and divide, you’ve got all the pre-requisites you need —- You can even use a calculator.

This course is creative project intensive.  Projects are intended to explore concepts, rather than  create portfolio pieces, thus perfection is not required.  Assignments will include Celtic knotworks, your choice of carpentry, quilt or garden patterns, perspective drawing, rendering texture (such a fur or bark), basic pigment color theory, the anatomy of a shadow, translucence, and even a few clues about expressive drawing of faces and figures, with an option to touch on historical trends like the popular modern manga and anime styles.  We will learn about paint and ink and even make a few samples of our own. Throughout it all, we will discuss processes of decay and how to make your art last if you want it to.

You will need a multimedia drawing pad, ruler, compass, pencil and a small set of something to apply color (water colors, colored pencils, markers, etc),  as well as small amounts of various materials that might be found in the average kitchen.

About the Instructor:

Skia Laurence studied art at the Museum School in Boston , Lesley College and Rivier University  She studied technical drawing as a graduate student of archaeology at U.C.L.A. and earned a master’s certificate in Children’s Book Illustration at Hollins University.  She has done technical drawing both for archaeology and for technical documentation in industry.  She taught art to young people at Purple Crayon in San Francisco and the Chelmford Center for the Arts in Massachusetts.  She has been a juried participant in several shows and a featured artist at the Carolina Artist Gallery in Morehead City, North Carolina.  She studied museum conservation and restoration at U.C.L.A. and though correspondence with Oxford University and through hands on training at the National Museum of Iceland.

Note: This is a 15 week course, scheduled over 16 weeks. There will likely be one day off during the term, which the teacher will announce at the beginning of the course.

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