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 History of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way

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Instructor: Sherene Raisbeck
5-10 students
Suggested Ages: 8-11 (not for junior high)

Time: Fridays, 10:00am to 11:30 am Eastern time, starting September 13th

NOTE: In the past, this course has been offered over two terms. We are offering it as a single term course with each meeting running 75-90 minutes. We believe this pace better serves our gifted students.


Aristotle Leads the Way is the first of three works by Joy Hakim that present the major scientific innovations within the context of work performed by Aristotle, Newton, Einstein, and work which continues in theoretical physics.

Learning how to observe the world, investigate ideas and sources, and find out what’s really true, are important skills for new scholars! Students develop a rich understanding of the science presented by tracing the historical context and experiments of the greatest thinkers in Western as well as Eastern scientific thought.

As the first part of The Story of Science series, this class is an excellent foundation for further advanced work in science, mathematics, and computer science. It lays a foundation for Newton at the Center and Einstein Adds a New Dimension. In addition, the story-based instruction utilized will enhance retention for students who are not scientifically oriented. Over the course of the year, we will measure the circumference of the earth, the distance to the moon, and lay the foundations for atomic theory!

Tests, homework, and grades are provided optionally and may be graded at home or by the instructor. We fully support 2e students and will tailor testing, homework, and class participation so that it is low stress and meaningful for each student. Students do need to be able to do simple multiplication with ratios.

While some experiments are repeated from the Einstein and Newton courses, students will encounter them on a different level. These courses do NOT need to be taken in a particular order.

Find the Aristotle Leads the Way book here.

Please note that this is a one semester course


Fall semester

1.      Birthing a Universe
2.    Telling It Like They Thought It Was: Myths of Creation
3.    Making Days: Were the Calendar Makers Lunatics or Just Moonstruck?
4.    Ionia? What’s Ionia?
5.    The “A” Team
6.    Elementary Matters: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, Says Empedocles
7.    Being at Sea
8.    Worshipping Numbers
9.    Pythagoras Knows It’s Round
10.  Getting Atom
11.  Aristotle and His Teacher
12.  Does It Change? No Way, Says A
13.  Aristarchus Got It Right – Well, Almost!
14.  Alexander’s City
15.  What’s a Hero?
16.  Euclid in His Elements
17.  Archimedes’ Claw
18.  Measuring the Earth
19.  Rome Rules
20.  Longitude and Latitude plus Two Greek Mapmakers
21.  The Greatest
22.  A Saint Who Was No Scientist
23.  No Joke – the Earth Is Pancake Flat!
24.  Don’t’ worry – the Round Earth Is Back!
25.  Absolute Zero
26.  An “Ox” Who Bellowed
27.  Books Will Do It
28.  The Antipodes: Discovering Down Under
29.  Cosmic Voyagers: Is It Fiction, or Could It Be True?
30.  Finally! How Science Works

    $475; GHF, SENG, MAGE, and NHAGE Members pay $450! (But no double dipping, sorry!) Multiple children? Talk to us!

    We accept charter school funds

    Register for Aristotle Leads the Way here!

    $475; GHF, SENG, MAGE, and NHAGE Members pay $460! (But no double dipping, sorry!) Multiple children? Talk to us!

    We accept charter school funds

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