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Last updated: 03/25/2008

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Beyond IQ: Greater Boston 
Young Adult Program


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May 2, 3 & 4, 2008

Location: Radisson, Chelmsford, MA 


New topics:

Social Skills
  • What are they?
  • What are they good for?
  • How do I know if I have them?
  • If I don't have them, how can I acquire them?
I will present one analytical model of social skills, and a sociological explanation of their function, and we can explore how the hg/pg experience interacts with this system and what we can do about our personal comfort with social interactions.

Fantasy and reality, what skills and knowledge can help you understand the friendship process and how to practice it. Identify your personal "recommended daily allowance" of interpersonal interaction then develop the skill and knowledge necessary to meet that goal.

Sometimes you just want them to grow up. We will discuss a range of possible YA parent relationships and how to develop a more satisfying less stressful relationship with your parents.


These topics are always part of the YA program:

Developmental friendship patterns 
Understanding the kinds of friendship, the order in which these skills are developed in childhood, and the confusion caused by the fact that friendship seems to be strongly linked to mental age not physical. Often YA have experienced severe friendship trauma when the kind of friendship they were practicing was not the same as their agemates.

A particular sort of friendship with some fascinating biological and social factors influencing it. I will describe some of these factors and how they contribute to dating confusion. We will also discuss dating and mating safety issues. Not a "sex ed" course on the biology but instead on the psychology and sociology. [though I will provide websites for the biology information]

Identity management
Who am I , who do I want to be, providing a broader range of factors to include in your search to identify who you are and guide you in shaping your future self.

Understanding others
As part of identifying ourselves we learn of the many varieties of people and can try to use the process to describe those close to us and predict areas of agreement or confusion.

Gifted/ Intelligence 101
What does "“gifted"” mean? What are IQ's and IQ tests? What do we mean by Highly Gifted or Profoundly Gifted?

Gifted 102
American social structure doesn't currently have a healthy functioning system for the gifted, especially for supporting and meeting the needs of gifted children. We will discuss the consequences of this and what we can do to find a satisfying place in our society.

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