Beyond IQ





We are looking for articles ranging from 200 to 1000 words and reviews up to 300 words. Reviews can be of articles, books, movies, exhibits, programs, etc. We will also consider stories, poetry, art, and photographs on a space available basis. 

Our focus is on highly and profoundly gifted people, which may include their families, friends, and/or the professionals who work with them.

It would make our lives far easier if your text submissions came in Microsoft Word or Open Office, but as long as they can be opened and copied other formats will be accepted. If layout is important (as can be the case with either embedded graphics or shaped poetry, for example), please make sure to include that information.

Deadlines are May 31, August 31, December 31, and February 28 for issues coming out in June, September, December, and March, respectively.

Please send submissions (or questions) to us by email.

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