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Einstein Adds a New Dimension

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Instructor: Sherene Raisbeck
5-10 students
Suggested Age Ranges: 9-12
Meets Mondays at 9:00am Pacific time 
(Time subject to change up until registration starts.)

NOTE: In the past, this course has been offered over two terms. We are planning to offer it as a single term course with two meetings per week.


Einstein Adds a New Dimension is the third of three works in Joy Hakim's Story of Sciencethat present the major scientific innovations within the context of major works produced by Aristotle, Newton, Einstein, and progress which continues in theoretical physics.

Learning how to make accurate and useful observations, investigate ideas, evaluate sources, and find out what’s really true, are important skills for scholars in all fields of endeavor.

Students in Einstein Adds a New Dimension continue to develop their understanding of the historical context and great experiments of the world’s innovators.

As the third part of The Story of Science series, Einstein Adds a New Dimension builds on the foundation set forward in the courses Aristotle Leads the Way and Newton at the Center.  Einstein Adds a New Dimension guides students through discoveries in modern physics, explaining the state of the science, while describing some of the current questions and areas of research.  Building on the themes in courses Aristotle and NewtonEinstein Adds a New Dimension helps students strengthen their solid basis of understanding, understand the nature and pace of change, and develop the insight, imagination, and skill to anticipate, jump in, and move forward with the new work of the future.

Over the course of the year, we will explore the lines of evidence for the current theory of the universe; we will discover the nature of quarks and strings; and we will discuss alternative hypotheses and theories.  We will continue building the scaffold for later studies in science and other endeavors, and developing skills which will be used in career planning and development.

Tests, homework, and grades are provided optionally and may be graded at home or by the instructor.  We fully support 2e students and will tailor testing, homework, and class participation so that it is low stress and meaningful for each student.  Students need to be able to do multiplication with fractions and ratios, and to understand the use of algebraic symbols.

This is a 2-semester course.  While some experiments are repeated from the Newton and Aristotle courses, students will encounter them on a different level. These courses do NOT need to be taken in a particular order.

Find the Einstein Adds a New Dimension book here.

Please note that this is a two-semester course. 


Fall semester

Week 1:  A Boy Who Imagines - What is the nature of science?
Week 2:  Electrifying Thoughts and Magnetic Reasoning - Who was Faraday?
Week 3:  The M & M’s of Science - The Purple Grape Rides the City Bus
Week 4: Why does sugar jump? Electrons, electricity, and e-
Week 5: A Girl With Courage - The Invisible Becomes Visible: Rays are Real and Glowing
Week 6: Three-D World Meets Waves and Particles - A Cylinder is Both Rectangular and Oval
Week 7: From Mendeleyev to Bohr - The Indivisible Becomes Divisible:
Week 8: What’s Uncertain? Everything, says Heisenberg.  And watch out for that cat!
Week 9: What are waves? Water waves?
Week 10:  One, Two, Three, Four - Five Papers are at Which Door?
Week 11: Smashing Atoms - Forces, Four?  What Does Forty-Two Have to do With It?
Week 12:  Chemistry, Charisma, and Peace - What’s in a bond?  What kind of bond?
Week 13:  The Speed Limit of Light - Energy and Mass
Week 14:  The Fission Vision - At what cost?
Week 15:  Presidential Power - What will the future bring?

Spring semester

Week 1: Manhattan on a Mesa - A Second Kind of Computer
Week 2: Quantum Electrodynamics?  Drums?  QED… Surely you’re joking
Week 3: Relatively speaking - From Galileo to Albert
Week 4: Relativity …  It’s about time … All the light we cannot see
Week 5: No, it isn’t a party…  It’s an event!  Physics Fun and Mathy Meanings
Week 6: Timely Dimensions - Space time and paradox
Week 7: Red Hats and More Stories - Twins and triplets
Week 8: Gravity - A weak force?  Or something fundamentally different?
Week 9: Spacetime Warps - Is there a way around the speed limit?
Week 10: Changing or Changeless?  Conservation of …
Week 11:  The Expanding Universe - Time Dilation and Length Contraction
Week 12:  Black Holes and Singularities - What were we?  What will we become?
Week 13:  Inflation Without Economics - TOE Be or Not TOE Be
Week 14: The Information Age - What is Life?  What things are living?
Week 15: Wrapping Up - Presentations

2 Semester-long classes are $485 each. GHF Members pay $455!

Semester-long classes are $245 each. GHF Members pay $230!

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